Preserving a musical tradition and bringing a little Brazilian flare to your wedding, event or private party 

Choro Sotaque is a San Diego based group specializing in a vintage Brazilian jazz called choro. Choro Sotaque features Stefanie Schmitz on clarinet and saxophone, Marcus Alcantarilla on guitar and vocals, Gabriel Arce on cavaco and bandolim, and Halysson da Silva on percussion.


Choro, often called the ragtime of Brazil, is a lively music with intricate melodies that evolved in the late 1800s with mixed roots of African and European styles. It was in choro music that the earliest forms of the samba rhythm developed. Choro was popular in Rio de Janeiro in the 1920’s and after with artists such as Pixinguinha and Jacob do Bandolim.

The Portuguese word sotaque means accent, and refers to the way Choro Sotaque plays this Brazilian style with their own unique San Diego accent. 

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